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Comparison of approaches to medical animation

Several styles are possible for medical animations. Below are two approaches to an identical medical animation showing egg release from an ovary. The same 3D models are used, but camera movement, model texturing and lighting are varied to give two very different results.

The "Overview" style is useful for keeping the entire medical animation in context at all times. Camera moves are minimized so that the relationship of everything in the animation is clearly depicted. Backgrounds and textures are muted so they do not distract from the main aspects of the animation.

The "Dramatic" style is appropriate for medical animations that need a lot of action to hold viewer's interest, and where the context of the scene is less important than the action. This is more of a "Fantastic Voyage" approach.

Both these medical animations depict the exact same sequence, but in radically different ways.

"Overview style" medical animation

"Dramatic style" medical animation
Overview style medical animtion
Dramatic style medical animation

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